Feb 15, 2021

I literally did nothing today :)))

Woke up at nearly 10am and sticked under the blankets until my stomach groaned angrily, then went downstairs to get my brunch or whatever you can call to fulfil my starving. I know that’s not good at all to start your spring break, but what you can do neither :))

After that I clued my eyes on series on Netflix, transferred from phone to laptop :)) I watched Bridgerton, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Annie (yayyy the main character has the same name like me). I decided to give myself a break after a long hard break time of party and play. I’m gonna start with a new workout program and Spanish tomorrow :3 Today is the 4th day of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year so the atmosphere was less crowded, vibrant like the previous days, It can be understood tho, and people are worried about the pandemic. Most of the school in Vietnam approached the policy of extending the online learning to control the situation. I kinda craved some sweet to eat hmmm maybe I’ll get some tomorrow as well, like I’m not hungry but I would like to chew something :3

I haven’t had any plans for this week but I have a sense that It’s gonna be busy somehow, let’s see :3 Btw this is the cheesecake that I made for my birthday brother, looks kewt huh :3

Good night and love you guys.


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