Feb 11, 2021

Today is the Lunar New Year eve of Vietnam :3 I was so eager to celebrate that I couldn’t stay focus on the Spanish class, and my teacher isn’t allow to record, so weird. Sometimes I can’t follow the lecture cause my teacher speaks quite fast, like a rapper :))

After completing the class, I went workout and got preparation for the overnight with my Helix’s friends. I called with my family in Vietnam until the Eve then we exchanged wishes to each other. A few people asked whether I’m sad when celebrating Tet far from home; I feel normal honestly, It’s alright cause I know my family is fine and I have my friends here :3

We had a big meal with many traditional dishes like square sticky rice cake, cylindric glutinous rice cake , braised pork in coconut juice with eggs, etc. I ate 1/4 of a square sticky rice, it’s so yummy tho. My stomach is full but my mouth still craves for food, so I just keep eating. Haizzz, I bet I’m gonna gain some weight after this holiday. We didn’t drink today, we’ll save it for tomorrow :3

Last words, Happy (Lunar) New Year Vietnamese friends, wish you all healthy and wealthy in your 2021!

Good night and love you all❤️.

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