When was the last time you cried like a child?

Why I chose this picture, It doesn’t seem like tears or anything relate to the question? I watched All the bright places today, saw Violet cried like a child when knowing Finch -her boyfriend died, as well as listened to a lyric of the song “Too young to burn” in the film that motivated me to write about this object

Every tear rolling down is a lesson learned.

Too young to burn song – Sonny & The Sunsets

To be honest, I can’t remember exactly when was the last time I cried like a child. Perhaps, It was the day I my paternal grandmother passed away. Someone said that It’s sad that the one who love died without saying goodbye, but It’s even more hurt when seeing people you love died, in front you, second by second. I just hoped the time can pause then I can have more time to greet her like everyday’s morning. Or It was the day the person that I put my trust on, left me, without saying good bye. Or the moment, I received an affirmation about the secret that my family tried to hide me about the bad condition of my dad’s health.

Day by day, when I grow up, I tend to prevent my tears to come down, I try to hold it back, with a belief that make me look stronger before a storm. It probably would lessen the hurt that I have to take. I used to think that action is courage, but It turns out that I was wrong. Keeping the tears inside was very bad, It’s just like an accumulation of hurt. The bad become worse. But when you cry, It gives you a chance to remove the thorn rooting deep down your soul, release the “ain’t hard to tell” emotions and wash your mind.

The lyric is true, “every tear rolling down is a lesson learned”. After crying like a child, I received a lesson that I would never forget in my entire life, despite the fact after that I swear that I won’t cry like this anymore. Human is complex, huh?!! I’m glad that I can still cry, my dear friends. My tears don’t waste, they’re purposeful and powerful, so don’t blame yourself too much when you cry. But don’t take that as an excuse for over-crying. Your tears have their own prices, please appreciate and save it, for the ones you love and moments you cherish.

Cesare Pavese said: “We do not remember dayswe remember moments.” So I value every single moment I dare to cry and I think you should too.

No matter the last time you cried for who or for what, be happy that you still can cry, cause that means you’re alive, not live.

Love yourself.


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