Feb 9, 2021

The weather is still cold, maybe lasts till next week. And I realized I can’t bear with the smell of this type of oil. It can be seen as one of the most effective way to cure the flu, any kinds of aches or pains in Vietnam, and people have a habit of pouring lots of them when using it. Today, when Phong seemed get sick, sis Chi used this oil too and when I smelled it, I felt dizzy and uncomfortable a lot that I had to go downstairs to stay away from that. Actually, my family member often use it in Vietnam but the fragrance isn’t strong like this. I think it’s because of the cold as well. It has the same effect when you eat food in the room that has an air-conditioner, the smell spreads out so quickly and feels much stronger.

Such a shame Albert Heijn!

I don’t know the reasons behind this big mistake but It’s totally a shame. The picture shows a food sold in Albert Heijn and It’s called Vietnamese Pho. It’s an insult to a speciality of Vietnam, I believe most of people in the world know Pho, which can be seen as a national representative for the Vietnamese culture. The dish on the picture is like a normal spaghetti, everything is wrong in that dish😒 My friends was so mad like me, hope that the supermarket can do something to solve it. Please give our culture back!

Anw, I used Tinder again :)) after a number of swiping, I think I have my own gout, although I usually tell my friends that I don’t. I think the guy that can attract me would be a man that not too muscle or skinny, wears black (all black is even better) and glasses. The three color that could catch my attention could be black, white and pink :))) What’s yours?

I finished all tasks from the company and most of the assignment at school, but I’m kinda worried about my Spanish class, It’s extremely hard 😩😩😩 the speed’s faster than I thought, I think I should invest more!

And after tomorrow, I’ll go to Helix and meet my friends yayyyyyyy, so excited! I’m counting down :3

That’s all :3

Good night and always love you.

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