Feb 8, 2021

I intended to wake up at 9.45am to prepare for the morning’s class but I felt so sleepy then I decided to took a short nap :))) After 2 days of staying up to nearly 4am and getting up soon on the next day, my eyes seem easy to close anytime and my mind wandered around the snow flake.

The essentials of organisation class is still confused as always :(( hope that I can pass the subject. After joining 2 classes, I went out to build a snowman with Phong – sis Chi’s son, this is his homework at school. You know what, It’s another joy to play with kids :3 and we almost forgot the snowman mission. Btw, the texture of the snow this time is quite hard to shape, or perhaps we didn’t know how to do properly🧐. Me and sis Chi worked so diligent but the snow still broke. After a “century”, sis Chi did build a kindergarten snowman, its hat is from Phong’s magician tool kit, its nose and hands are from carrots and its eyes were made by the painted candles :)) so creative tho! One of my friend said It looks so kewt but miserable under the snow :)))

Being under the snow for 2 days made me feel a bit headache and unwell, I thought I could be ill 🤧. My head was so heavy that I just wanted to go to bed. But I still decided to workout, and did work, It helped me feel better a lot and I can get back to my normal physical status💪💪💪.

Ahh, today I had my first try in changing the bulb, the old one in the attic was broken so sis Chi asked for my help. It wasn’t hard as much technically as I thought :)) I’ll tell my mom tomorrow about that achievement. Maybe later I can learn to sew :3 it’s a future tense, so let’s see.

When I called my parents today, mom asked me not to buy the Cordyceps sinensis and I should save that money to use later but I think I won’t :3 My salary is Vietnamese currency so I can’t use it here and the most important reason is I want to take care of my parents’ health, I don’t want to be regretful later so I just do my best :3 I love them a lotttt.

For the next day, I just have 1 Spanish class so I think I’ll spend the rest of my time reading a book and completing as much as possible the tasks from my company and assignment from HAN.

Yep, that’s all for todayyyyyy.

Good night and love you all.

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