Feb 7, 2021

Heyyyyyyyyy, the second snow is much snow than the first one, It also lasted longer. I met up my Helix’s friends in the park near by, we took lost of picture to capture these moments😊❄️ But, it’s really cold tho, my hand turned red when I took off my gloves to take a picture for my friends or texted on my phone. Whenever I step onto the land of snow, the thicker of the snow, the deeper I went into it, it’s the same feeling when I went to the sandy hill in Phan Thiet beach – Vietnam. I called to my family to show them about that, super excited to be honest.

Today’s going out is worth in spite of the -4 Celcius but feel like -12 Celsius weather🌨🌨🌨

A Caterpillar fungus order for my parents was shipped to my home today, I was extremely worried when knowing they’re unwell recently, hope it could help improve their health!

In the remaining of the day, I watched some Vietnamese reality shows which are the Hundred-year love (a show about the elderly couples that live happily together through ups and downs, It explicits my admiration about the perception love in the past), Happy memories (a show that recalled the old objects, events, great people that have influenced in the Vietnamese people life since 70s). It’s weird and shame that these programs have less viewers than the nonsense ones (which are full of drama and yep they have more celebrities) although they are quite meaningful and realistic.

Ah, btw I ate some unhealthy food today :3 2 donuts, chocolate and 1 and a half stroopwaffels, feel a bit sinful but it’s satisfied, after several days :3

Yep, that’s all for my snowy dayyy.

Good night and love you all.

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