Jan 31, 2021

Yayy, my new semester’s gonna start tomorrow, on Feb 1, 2021. Finally, I can come back to a busy routine as I wish, in spite of the full and tight timetable it is.

Uhmm, for the last day of the break, I spent my time on relaxing with Bridgerton series, reading a book, calling mom as usual and making a dessert.

Mom told me Dad was moved when seeing the video I made secretly for him in the award ceremony❤️ I also sent her the full video clip and we watched together via my laptop cause she wasn’t there this morning. A few tears fell out when I showed the clip to her, I can’t hold my emotions whenever thinking of my parents’ sacrifices.

The dessert that I mentioned above is a box of chocolate ice-cream, my favourite flavour. It was the second time of making it so I was quite confident and completed in short-time. After several times of making the sweets, I has known how to estimate the portion and adjust the ratio of ingredients. Hurayy, practice truly makes success!

When converting the files from the old laptop, I found the pdf file of a book names “How to talk to anyone”, It’s interesting to know how to jump in to any conversation with people and somehow maintain the relationships after that. I think I will spend some time to kickoff discovering the tricks.

At the end of the day, I did the personalities test from 16personalities, the result is more align to my characteristics after all, or in a more precise saying in the webiste, I explored who I am. I think It’s just because my self-awareness increased when I had more time to reflect myself with the slower pace of life in The Netherlands. Gradually, I realized which key values I should appreciate and cultivate more and which things I should prioritize or neglect.

Btw, the chapter of the book I read to day clarified a way that I have used for long time in dealing with struggles but I simply couldn’t know It’s a scientific advise. It can be interpreted as: you’re responsible for all things. It doesn’t mean you have to take a responsibility for the leave of your member, you’re responsible for what you’re gonna do next (make a fuss over/be drawn in that failure/move on), that’s what you do and each choice will lead you to different results, kinda. Sound noice, right?

I think that’s all for today, I’ll go to bed early then I can start my new semester as fresh as a daisy .

Good night guys, love you all.

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