Which genres of music I love to listen?

Normally, when people see me they might guess I’d love to hear songs that have catchy beats, funny and optimistic vibes; perhaps ballad songs, but still the ones that composed in positive rhythms.

By reza shayestehpour on Unplash

Actually, I passionate about the broken heart song :3

It ironically sounds strange right? A proactive and energetic girl like me loves to listen to the songs that bring back the sorrow feelings about love. Hm, you might question Did my love life experience so many harsh moments? It’s irrelevant :3

Simply, I just love them. I don’t feel upset when “enjoying” a cup of earl grey tea or reading a book (any kind of book). The lyrics definitely hurt the feelings of the audiences a lot, but It somehow brings the tranquilling inside my soul, makes me feel more focused and fulfilled in peace. That’s a reason why I won’t be a DJ in any parties :))) Each person has their secret sides, and music is the place where I can leave all my concerns, anxieties, insecurities in. 

Too happy, too sad aren’t good at all. I read a book that, life doesn’t have to be happy always, there’re still ups and downs moments that pump you the hell and then lift you up till the seventh of heaven. Maybe it’s a deep-down explanation for my taste of music, I need to be balanced. My energy needs time to recharge, and listening to these songs keeps me stay still, like Yin and Yang.

I believe each type of song has their own mission to heal people. Let’s pick your favourite song and enjoy it. Find your peace, like me :3

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  1. lulu says:

    guess mah fav songg :3?


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