Jan 27, 2021

Sooo, this is the first day I used my new lap to write diary :3 big day to celebratešŸ„³

I spent a whole morning to discover the function and install some applications. Btw, I’m finding a friend to buy “share Adobe account”, It need 2 people per account so, If you’re having a demand, you can contact me :3

And here she is, my daughter ā¤

I’ve just finished a post about my memories with aiesec so It started quite late with today’s diary. To be honest, I think I need more time to get acquainted to the keyboard of Mac. The feeling of typing is soo cool :3 and I even can feel the new laptop’s smell floating in the air in my room :)))

Unlikely, It was really cold these days, Unless I run out of food, I won’t go out. The cold makes me feel lazy and I just want to be warm at home :3 But I think I can’t run away of destiny cause the deadline of lending my university’s laptop ends on this Friday. TT.TT I must go to the university this week.

My day commenced with finishing the chapter 1 of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, It gives readers a guideline to choose what we should prioritise in our life which can things become lessen f*cked up, quite interesting huh. I’ll review it for you guys after finishing it.

My Helix’s friends went to Amsterdam today in order to pick up students for a new cluster. At HAN University of Applied Sciences, we also have a Vietnamese society for students, they provide the useful information or organize events to bond the Vietnamese students studying at HAN, give supports and build a social network between students so we can help each other when needed. And I had a cup of milk tea :3 in the end of the day, although the “shipping” interrupted my workout routine a bit, but it’s okayyyy, I love milk tea. Sis Chi said I have such good friends :3 Yep, I know that :3 I’ll enjoy it tomorrow, I mean today :3

I met my grandpa when I video called with mom and dad, he seems healthy. My grandpa is super cool, he takes care of gardening of my home. He can plan jackfruit, dragonfruit, lemon, pomelo, banana, apples, pineapples, etc; although he’s in his 80 but he’s strong, sound in mind. He was wearing a pink t-shirt this evening, which is cute :3 I don’t know but I like the boys that wearing pinky stuffs. Nonetheless, I used to hate it cause It seems so girly. There are two coolers that I love to see other boys wear, which are black and pink :3 Blackpink in your area :)))))))))))))))

I didn’t see my sister – Lan Chi, mom said that she was preparing for the class tomorrow. In Vietnam, we usually have class observation, where teachers can showcase their competences and the school can prove the quality of teaching. It depends on the scale that sometimes all teachers of a district will attend in a class observation. It’s extremely pressure, for both teacher and students. The class chosen usually has good reputation at school about a number of good students in that class. In the secondary time, teachers mostly choose my class for this “special occasion”, It took us maybe a month to prepare for it. According to a new teaching methodology, which requires a two-way interaction between the teacher and students, there will be several activities in 1 period besides learning. It consists of arts, obtaining the theories and follow up with some review exercises. The time is also important, it’s usually over the limit time cause there some crisis could happen during the class. In the competition for “Excellent teachers”, timing is one of the most important criteria in grading. My mom is a grade 1 teacher so I know about it a bit. Wish you luck, my little sister :3

Another good news, Pull&Bear’s package was shipped to my home at 4.35pm, on time :3 the email said It will be delivered from 2.55pm to 4.55pm, earlier than 20 minutes. Finally, after 29 days, my items came.

Yep :3 I think that’s all for my day with sweet and happy :3 I’ll complete the task of my company and join the meeting of Buddies project at school. Thus, I’m probably go to bed now because the call starts at 9am. Bye guys :3

Good night and love youuuu!

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