Jan 25, 2021

Today, I was quite busy with making cheesecake and chocolate ice-cream :3

At the beginning of my day, I woke up at 10.30am then I went to school to print the return labels. When arriving the post point, I was informed that the shipping cost of Uniqolo wasn’t included in the return policy, It costs 11euros, approximately the price of the item I tend to return :)))) Thus, I decided to bring it back and adjust it myself. The problem of the pants is they’re longer than my legs :))) so it looks funny when I wear them, I think I’m gonna borrow sis Chi’s sewing machine to shorten it.

Although I promised to spend economically yesterday, It turned out things lost its track :))) I used some to buy the ingredients for the cake and the ice-cream as well :3 Maybe my saving plan will start tomorrow, I mean today, cause It has been Jan 26 already.

I dunno why but I was addicted in John Wick series so my eyes kept gluing to the screen until I remembered that I need to write today’s diary and went to bed early. Apple sent an email to inform me that my “daughter” is probably going to shipped to my home on Jan 26, so I need to be as fresh as a daisy when welcoming her :3

The two dessert I made weren’t too difficult to to but It took lots of time to wash the blender, I’m seriously thinking of investing for an electric egg beater :3 Haizzz, nvm, let’s put it in my wish list, I’ll consider it later.

In terms of the desserts, I’ve tasted the chocolate ice-cream, It was fantastic tho, I was totally surprised by the result. The texture isn’t so thick os loose, It’s rich in chocolate flavor (that point is predictable cause I combined two chocolate bars of 70% and 54% pure cacao), so it’s not bitten at all. About the cheesecake, let’s wait to the morning then we can see :3 hopefully, It’s good too.

There’s a funny story that I intended to tell you guys but I’ve just remebered it few minutes. This morning, when I asked sis Chi about borrowing the iron to launder my clothes. Unexpectedly, Phong – her son asked me: Were you going out again? :))))) I didn’t know since when I have became a party girl in his mind. I was speachless guys :)) just smiled then going upstairs. Sometimes, kids give us some questions that make us not to know whether to laugh or cry.

Btw, my non-profit organization is holding an event about celebrating the “far from home” Lunar New Year ( A traditional Tet of Vietnam) for the students in the Netherlands. I’m finding a suitable photo that fits with the frame on facebook. Coincidentally, I explored some old photos from the Dalat trip in this summer, the days before I went abroad.

Ahhh, so missing these time, I enjoyed lots of specialities in Dalat. I felt that If the trip were longer, I would turn into a piggy :3 Fortunately (or unfortunately), It didn’t come true. In that trip, I had a chance to meet my secondary teachers, It was soo happy to see them and most of them still remembered me, yayyy :3


  1. lulu says:

    im interested in that ice cream !


    1. annie572 says:

      Then I’ll save a scoop for you :3


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