Jan 24, 2021

My stomache is better now, thanskfully. I had another night with my friends :3 we didn’t drink too much, instead, we played card games together. It was fun tho ^^ in spite of the fact that It was changed my mindset about that game, into a dirty way 🙂

After that, the girls returned to our room and one of my friend fortunes my future lover for me by Tarot cards. It said that It still isn’t my perfect time to meet that person because I have another goals to strive for, my mindset about love is too rational to freely open my heart for somebody to come in. I had better relax and travel to some places, give myself a space to heal the wound. Besides, speaking of my last week of January, I should control my money, use it economically :))) I’ll certainly do that because I just invested for a new laptop, so for the remaining days of the month, I have to think carefully. The cards also reminded me about do not belittle the significance of my recent work. Keeping my mind consciously, not being subjective or self-satisfied with the previous achievement. I’ll notice that!

Yep, after that, I read a book written by Nguyen Nhat Anh, till nearly 4am :)) The book is so cute, It reflects the daily life of the Vietnamese working class, markets in Ho Chi Minh city which made me missed my old time when I had a chance to go to the market to buy goods, food with my maternal grandmom. In the story, there are prejudices, faults, misunderstandings between the characters; and all the knots are untided by love, altruism and empathy.

You know: Love is sweet but it’s spicy as well.

I woke up at around 10.30am cause I felt cold, my stomache at that time still felt unwell so It was hard to sleep. I finished the rest of the book then skincare, waited for my friends, then we went to the boys’ room to eat brunch. We had chicken wings fried with fish sauce and fried beans.

Family meal :3

It tasted so yummy guys, pretty match with the white rice, I couldn’t count how many wings I finished :)) If you were me, 101% that you wouldn’t resist the temptation of eating these dishes.

Later on, when coming back to my home, I recored a short video clip for the ceremony in the English center that supported me a lot to pursuit me “going abroad” dream. Ms. Thuy – a director of the center asked me to film a short clip as a secret present to give to my parent. Because in that ceremony, they’ll commend and reward the students who obtained great achievements in studying. My dad will come, on behalf of me. Thus, ms. Thuy believe It would be meaningful gift that I could make my parent suprise, in order to send my gratefulness to their sacrifices. I was a bit moving in the moment I was sharing about my thoughts. I noticed that I have become more sensitve and easier to cry since I lived far from my family. Anw, I always motivate myself that I have to be courage and keep moving forward to be accomplished in the future!

Yep, I think that’s all for today. I’ll come back to my healthy daily routine :3

Good night and love youuu.

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  1. lulu says:

    love is like the combination of intense emotions


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