Jan 23, 2021

Hi guys :3 I come back, after a big night yesterday :))) The party ended at around 5am, this is the second time that I drunk beer with wine, my stomache felt uncomfortable TT.TT hmmm maybe I shouldn’t have drunk them together.

I had a meeting at 10am today, and I woke up at 9.59am :)) just in time. My boss said that I had a big night huh :3 My tone voice was lower just like the sound of a duck :)) Actually, I’d waken up at 9.20am before that, but I thought It was too soon so I probably took a nap :333

After an one-hour meeting, I immediately went to sleep till 1.30pm :))) I’m so sleepy, not too hang over, but maybe because I stayed up late to watch John Wick the day before. It’s extremely fascinatinggg. I had a late Vietnamese brunch with my Helix friends, simple dishes with fried eggs, Canh chua – sour soup, beef stir with cabbage.

This is the dish that made by my friends – Risotto. First time I tried :3 The flavor is rich because of the combination of cream, cheese and the arborio. We ate it with fried veggies in order not to feel too greasy. Btw, before coming back to Helix, I came home to change the clothes and sent the docs file for my boss. Then I realized the text blocks was added more paragragh than the version I saw a few days ago. I rushly completed it in panic :)) but It’s still alright, phew.


Anw I made a big investment today – a Macbook pro. Hope that It’s worth :3 my old laptop was broken and It’s nearly at the end of the borrow time the laptop from my University. I will love and carry it as my little daughter :3 I’m thinking of buying a case for it, but It’s quite expensive *cry cry*

After today, I’ll come back to my daily life routine :3 healthy and balance. I’ll put more efforts, committment to my get fit goal!!! Let’s wait for the result later :3

I’m still eating risotto while writing this diary :3 good night guys and love uu.

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