Jan 21, 2021

It’s mostly the second day that I write my diary on phone apps, but I changed my mind at the last minute.

I put this picture first although it was my last happy moment of the day, this is the speciality of the Northern Vietnamese people. I heard a lot about its unique taste in Vietnam, but still have no chances to try it, until today yayyyyy.

Beef with red wine sauce

It’s truly yummy, as delish as the countless compliments my friends who travelled to the North or live there give to the dish :3 I’ve asked sis Chi about the recipe already :3 cause I have a tendency to cook it in the future, It’s super super fantasy tho. I’ll update with you guys about that day :3

This is the second happy moment, when I received a cup filled with cream cheese from my Helix’s sister – bae Truc. I just immediately “jumped” to Helix after finishing the exam but I didn’t drink it right away, still had to go to the supermarket to buy ingredients for Tiramisu :3

Love from Amsterdsm to Arnhem :3

The cream cheese is not the best but It’s the best in the Netherlands (in my opinion😗). It’s worth, I hope the Tea Guys can open a new branch in Arnhem, I’ll definitely be a loyal customer of youuuu. Ah the 1st moment of happiness is when I completed my final examination of this term yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Although I’m not totally satisfied with it, but hmm in the end, I put all my efforts, so I didn’t feel regretful.

I went around the Presikhaaf to buy full ingredients for the cake, but everything wasn’t as my expectation and plan. I lack unsalted butter TT.TT Every single time that I invest in making any dishes, I always have to go out to buy more stuff, no matter how carefully I calculate (I believe), just like extra exercises.

Update about the Tiramisu: I made it yayy, but It might be sweeter than I expected hmm, I’ll taste it tomorrow. This is the first time that I made it without the support of my BFF. To be honest, I was extremely nervous whether I could nail it or not. After 3 hours :))) It was completed, and I also made 1 box for sis Chi. The cake is for tomorrow’s night :3 I hope it’s qualified to enjoy. I think It will be better and the duration of struggling will be shortened in the next try :)))))

Little girl :3

About this picture, It just suddenly came up to my mind, when I talked to a friend in Helix about our highschool. Dunno why I searched that picture and sent to him :))) but It reminded me about that day, when I and a friend decided to visit our highschool. It’s sad that It becomes stricter for the alumni that would like to enter the school. We need to have a qualified reason for that like have a meeting or some paperworks. When we were strolling in the school yard, there was a supervisor that required to go to the canteen, we weren’t allowed to go around here, It would cause distraction to the classes :)))) Anw, after that time, I rarely came back, not because of the rules, just hmm everything isn’t changed but my “people” aren’t there. The connection bond was gone so It’s kinda strange and alone. I just want to keep the best memories of this places with my most favorable people. It’s fine when storing all of them in my mind, I don’t need to go to school to recall the moments.

Phong – my Helix’s brother introduced a song that he collaborated with his friends to make. I think I should share it with you guys :3 Its name is Ven Nguyen (Vẹn Nguyên), It’s pretty cool and I love it.

I couldn’t download cause It was uploaded on youtube, so click to a button then you can hear it :3

Good night guys and love you all :3

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  1. lulu says:

    :3 well that’s really a little girl


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