Jan 16, 2021

Snow day❄️❄️❄️

This is the first time in my life that I could see snow yayyyyy☃️❄️❄️ I texted as much as possible my Vietnamese friends to show them about this :3 I also called my mom, It’s 6am of Jan 17 :))) fortunately, she picked up the call cause she had a meeting with the students’ parents of her class today.

Btw, coming back to the “snow day” topic, my friend even built a snowman and costumed him with clothes and a mask :)) pretty make sense in this situation🤣

It was super excited, and touched as well. My Helix friend walked for a while to come to my home to play with me yayyy. Because It’s in the exam week so I couldn’t go to Helix to join with them, I just could make a video call to take part in virtually. After that, one of them called me and said that they were on the way to my home. Awwwwwww, It’s so sweet tho 🔥 truly warm my heart in this such cold night. We had a snow fight between CS ( Communication Studies) vs IB ( Internatioanl Business) team, It’s my uni’s majors. My hair was beaded with snow and my hand turned to red, I barely felt the movements of the veins :)) Thank you all of youu :3 love you so much❤️

By the way, today’s blog is also my first time of writing a blog on phone. It’s quite convenient cause now I’m too lazy to go upstairs and open my laptop. The mobile app enables me with full functions alike using web version, pretty cool tho :3 I started to believe my investment is worth!

Most of the time of today I spent on studying and watching a Vietnamese film. Its name is “Mr. Color’s Bread” ( Banh Mi Ong Mau), the film tell a story mainly about a successfull businessman has to overcome the prevention from family, rumours from society to pursue his dream – open a Vietnamese bread stall, continue his family’s traditioanal career. Although I’ve just watched 5,6 episodes, I highly appreciate the way of the production team buit the script ưhich intergrates many moral messages about good manners, love, family, etc. The plot might be predictable but It brings back a new show for Vietnamese people can watch as a reward after work or become family reunion time.

Besides, I also videocalled with my maternal grandmother, I’m glad to hear that she’s fine, I shared somethings about my daily life then we said goodbye. I know, I sounds bland to somebody but It’s my happiness to see and talk with my family’s members. My grandmom is nearly 80 years old but she’s still have a sound mind. I think that’s the most important and precious thing that not almost the elderly could have.

Yep :3 I think today is another happy day in a series 365 happy days of mine. Hope that I can share with you guys more happy moments in the future!

Good night and love u all❤️❤️❤️


  1. lulu says:

    wait you forgot to mention the battle between the Northside and Southside :’)


    1. annie572 says:

      It didn’t happen so It wasn”t counted ^^


  2. lulu says:

    im glad that your grandmother is doing goodd! wish her health and happiness!


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