Jan 15, 2021

Opening with smiles but ending with tears

I think today was kinda lucky day when 2/3 packages I ordered delivered to my home and I was totoally satisfied! and I realized that most of the items are white :3 I love blue but the most favorite color I choose for clothes is white. I love the purity, elegance and the tranquilling feeling that It brings back to me. Yep, so I just crazy about filtering white color at the beginning of any shopping journey. My room now, is white, just a strange coincidence :3

Besides. my presentation went well as well, although we still had some improving points, overall the teacher said it well done :3 so I believe everything will be OK! This is the moment I had been waiting for the whole day, when we finished the assignment, 30% burden was taken of my shoulder, I still had 70% next week :))))

Anw, I think my life is full with coincidence. This is the picture our teammates took when we hangout with my class in the beginning of the new academic year. It was quite surprising that we sit in a groupf of 4 people, unintentionally. Then, we cooperated to do the presentation in this subject. I don’t know but I’m kinda a person who believe in destiny and God. So, thanks God, to bring these people come to my life! We managed our time to nail the presentation together :3

Anna, Valesca, me and Bunga

Ah btw, I saw snow today, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, despite It just occured for a while, but I was happy, cause my dream finally came true (in a short time) :3 I took a video a show it to my mom, soooo excited :3

Vietnam is in the cold weather as well, It’s not below 3 celcius degree like the Netherlands but It’s still cold compared to a country in a tropical area. In Vietnam, we also have snow in the moutainous area, Its temperature is below 1 celcius degree. I love to see snow but just for a short time cause I know It’s really dangerous to people’s health, transportation and It can affect to human life. People who live in these areas of Vietnam mostly are the poverty. Their daily life are lack of food, drink, electricity and their income depend mostly in agriculture. So It’s miserable when having this type of weather. Reminding about cold, I remembered my charitable trip to Soc Trang – a city of Sourthen Vietnam, I had a chance to visit a family. There are just 2 people in the house, a mother and her daughter. They are both old and have many serious disease. When I saw the mother, I cried, because she reminded me about my late grandmother. She passed away when I was in grade 12.

The day before I couldn’t see her come back home anymore, I forgot to say goodbye her to go to school, I just thought I could make up for it the next day. It turned out that, I couldn’t. My late grandmother went to the hospital in that day and after several days, I just kept asking my dad when would I come and visit her. He assured me that she would come home soon so you didn’t need to worry. On that Sunday, when I was studying in the extra class, I received a phone call from my aunt. She said after the class I caught the bus then uncle would take me home cause my parents were busy with preparing for my late grandmom’s funeral. When I came home, grandmom was laying on the bed, her eyes closed but I knew she still waiting for me to send my last greeting to her before she went to the heaven.

Since that day, I become so serious with the greetings to all people, I want to do that nicely, especially to my family’s members. Because you won’t know what’s gonna happen in that day so just send the most dedicated and love to your greetings to people, in order not to feel regrettable later.

Good night and love you :3

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