Jan 14, 2021

I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family!

It turns out that in some moment, you feel like you fall down tilll the bottom of the world but then life push you up to the heavens. If my life is a song, It will probably have some tranquilling moments mixing with dramatic ones :)))) I love to be chilled in a pub but I definitely want to live in a hectic city. My “song” has been changed since I went to the Netherlands. It became slower and calmer. I wasn’t besy with projects anymore, I had more time to take care of myself, my family and my friends. I knew how to cook Vietnamese dishes, made the dessert, create my own blog.

Everything happens for a reason, so I just cherish every single moment that I’m still here, still can alive, learn and love. Nonetheless, I missed the previous time that I left home at 6am and came back at 11pm. My mom kept saying “Why were you so busy when you don’t even go to work?”, I just smiled and got my scooter then leave home. I didn’t realize how old my parents are, I rarely asked whether they were alright ot not, cause I was too busy and careless at that time. Now, when calling them from the other time zone of the Earth, I could see cleary the wrinkles on their forehead, the way they talk, their actions are slower than before. My parents become older.

It’s really funny when I had to admit the right of the statement: You realize how precious it is when you lost it. I don’t know why I talk about this topic today, It’s just hmmm I miss my family a lot.

In the evening, my dad and my grandpa watch the music shows, my mom composes the lecture for the class and my younger sister updates her day at school.

I missed the weekend time, when we’re ( hmm sometimes not me) free from the work and studying, my big family gathers together to cook lots of Vietnamese food.

Whenever I finished my work lately, my dad and mom don’t go to sleep well. They will go out the bedroom and remind me go to bed.

Although I’m not a child anymore but I will tell my mom to kiss and hug me when I see her do that with my sister. I’ll pretend to be jealous and tell her It’s not fair :3 Then she have to give me a hug and kiss :3 I win❤️

I remembered that mom will buy 2 ice cream sticks although she keeps telling about how easily I’m going to be get cough when eating too much ice cream. Even my sister also buys 2 ice cream cones for me whenever she buys it. Before going to the supermarket, mom will ask me what you want to have then my sister say: Ice-creammm, I know you :3

I remembered whenever my friend who is a boy ;))) any boy, take me home or pick me up, my dad won’t open the gate but he will stand somewhere near by it. The distance is close enough for him to see who is it :)))) In the next day or maybe when I come home, he will ask me about that friend :3

Time flies and my dad become easier to me than mom. It’s totally contrast to the past. I remembered there’s once time I came home very late about 2am. My dad didn’t say anything, just ask for the reasons then done. The situation was different with my mom, she was upset me for a few days about that.

Back to my childhood, mom told me that before I went to the Grade 2, I always asked my dad to carry me on his back from the bad room to the restroom :))) Unless he did that, I wouldn’t leave my bed.

Ah :3 there are so many memories that I can’t recall.

Now, I just hope that they will be always healthy and happy, one of my resolutions of this year is try to videocall my family at least 5 times a week! I’ll commit to that.

So :3 today seems not a diary although I’ll put it in my diary. Let’s say, today is my family’s day, so I told you about my family❤️ Thank you for reading :3

Good night and love you all!

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