Jan 13, 2021

I’ve just known that the lockdown is extended 3 more weeks after Jan 19, so might be near the Vietnamese Tet holiday. That’s sad😭

Today, I woke up at 9am. It was sooner than usual because I had a meeting with my boss in Vietnam. We updated about the scope of work I’m going to be in charge till the end of January. I’m excited to have something to do besides studying, I believe I can learn new things in the incoming weeks.

I received the time slot for the presentation yesterday. It’s quite late, I’m afraid that the teachers will be tired after listening to a number of presentations from the morning to the afternoon. And it somehow could affect to our team’s evaluation, hope not:3 We’ll conduct our final rehearsal tomorrow then we can confidently join in the pitching.

I also received the refund from Stradivarius this morning as well as the apology from the agency who took responsibility in picking up my package to return to Decathlon. I had been waiting a whole day for them but nobody came yesterday. When they sent me a feedback email, I reported the issue to them immediately. Surprisingly, they solved it this morning for me. Additionally, I also had good customer service from H&M this evening when I typed the wrong email. I was quite worried that It could affect the order, I reached to the chat box of them right away. Although It was over 6pm, there were still some who answered my concerns. After that, I received a confirmation email of my order, I’m quite satisfied and happy with their fast process. If I own a company in the future, I will consider “customer service” as one of my top priorities.

Oreo Cheesecake made by meee

This is the oreo cheesecake that I made yesterday :3 yummy yummy. I shared it with my lovely Helix sis and bros. It’s a double joy when you share with others right? That’s a reason why I love to cook for people whom I love :3 Honestly, the cake still had a room for improvement, but I knew the ratio of ingredients after this one, so I can do it better next time!😉

Traditional green bean stiky rice cake of the Northen area

I have never tried this cake before, It has a strange taste at the first bite but you’re (or maybe me) gonna be addicted to its stickiness and sweetness of the cake. There are some copra inside the cake which enrich its greasiness :3

Last update, I came back with a new workout program, I’ll work hard and hope that I can get fit in 1-2 months!

That’s the end of my day, thanks for reading until now :3 love youu all.

Goodnight :3

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