Jan 12, 2021

As I promised, this is the Milo’s packaging that I told you on my pervious post. It looks eye-catching and interesting right :3

This picture was taken by my mom, in spite of the fact my sister could be seen as a high-tech generation, mom is always the best person who could understand my idea. Parents are whom love us and give us unconditionally, I really believe in that sentence. Because when I had members, I also taught them, trained them, like mom and children. Thus, I could probably know what are the feelings of being parents.

I had good news yayy, Stradivarius – the clothing brand that delivered me the package, which was missed 2 items sent me an email this morning to apologize for the mistakes as well as inform me about their refund process. I’m so satisfied with their customer service, I had just called them the day before and they did process it. I think I’m gonna come back in the future.

Another trial with oreo cheesecake

Yesss, I made one today. It wasn’t successful as I expected because of the oversized cake mold. The recipe is for 20cm and mine is 28cm, it’s pretty big. Anw, Phong – son of sis Chi said that it was delish, so It could be seen as a minimal success for my attempt. I had done it before, in Vietnam, but I think the different ingredients, different cake molds led to different results. In the end, it still tastes good. I think I have experiences and I can confidently remake it in the next time! Just wait for me :3

Nonetheless, I’m proud of the today’s result and I’m gonna share some pieces of the cake for my Helix’s friends :3 Maybe on Tet holiday, when having more time and more relaxable, I can make it – a better one!

This is Vietnamese roll. It’s easy to prepare and super super delish to enjoy with your family or friends. For the topping, It depends on your tastes so it can be varied from grilled pork to beef or shrimp. Normally, in order to make the roll fresh and crunchy, we add some lettuces, cucumbers or other veggies in it. The most important factor that affects the success of the dish is the sauce. It’s a combination of fish sauce, lemon, sugar, garlic, chili, warm water to balance, you have to have a proper ratio and it may change if you use another brand of fish sauce. The sauce is seen as the soul of any Vietnamese food, which can strengthen the flavors and upgrade the stunning of the dish :3

Besides above activities, most of the time I spend on studying for incoming exams hold in next week. I’m gonna have 2, ah and 1 presentation this Friday. Let’s kill them all, Annie! Hope that everything will be fine :3 I’ll endeavor for it.

Time flied, It’s on the new day again :3 I should change the title into a diary of today but posted on the next day 🙂

Anw, Good night guys :3 love uuuu to the moon and back.

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