Jan 11, 2021

I literally started my diary at 11.58pm, so it’s another debt from the Mr. God of Time.

First time getting up early

7.30am, the alarm from my phone rang, dragged me out of a sweet dream. I did have an idea going back to sleep after turning off the sound, but my mind didn’t allow me to do that. Today was exam day, so I needed to get prepared soon!!!

Yep, and I did it!

Although It was a bit uneasy because I haven’t awakened early since the beginning of this year, 2021.

On the way to school, I felt more conscious and comfortable. It turned out that I could come back to my previous routine of waking at 7.30am. Nah, but I won’t do that, If I don’t have classes or exams, everything changed :))

Small actions but big joys

The exam went well, after finishing it, I realized only me and 1 student were still in the room, people were all done and left. When walking to outside, I saw my Helix friends were waiting for me to come home together, that’s so cuteeee :3 It reminded me of the high school. However, because I had to print the labels to return the clothes, so I couldn’t go with themm. That’s a pity. Nonetheless, their action really warmed me.

While trying to print the labels, I also received support from campus store’s staff. She was so nice that when I couldn’t purchase the print machine because the function of my student card wasn’t activated. She helped me for free :3 I was so blue yesterday because the print store near my home doesn’t work. This is quite true with the statement: after every storm comes a 🌈.

I was also given a box of mini choux cream :3 yummy, I have a sweet tooth so It’s kinda the perfect end for the exam morning.

Thank youuuu, for all of that💙 I appreciate what people do for me and I cherish every single moment, action.

Hungry, hungry, hungry

Recently, my breakfast has changed to brunch so I’ll feel hungry in the period from 4-5pm. However, because of having a rehearsal for my incoming presentation, I couldn’t eat. Thus, I was extremely starving. I just kept looking at the cooker and hoped it would turn to “cooked” signal as soon as possible. The rice I bought this time took more water and time to be done so the time seemed so longgggg.

During desperate waiting time, I posted a story on my Instagram account to express my upset, and you know what. Just right after a few seconds, the light turned to “cooked”, so amazing. Perhaps the cooker also love me like my friends as well, it didn’t want to upset me TT.TT I love you too, cooker :3

The meal was so good :3 both in visual and taste, so proud of me!

It’s a bit messy but still yummy :3 I bet!

9.00pm, I took a shower, It was so cold tho. Then I started with my first week of a scientific writing course from Coursera. The teacher gave me various tips and tricks to make the essay more constructive and professional in the scientific area. I think I’ll attempt to complete it. It’s always good to learn something new :3

I bought cream cheese today because I still had some whipping cream left, so I’m planning to make oreo cheesecake tomorrow. Let’s see :3

I think I’m gonna end today’s diary here. See ya!

Good night guys and love you alll :3

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