Jan 9, 2021

I believe today’s blog is gonna be a long one, I experienced a series of emotions both happy and unhappy moments. And I really would like to share with you.

Today is a beautiful day that the sky was blue and the clouds were alike lovely sheeps running on the meadow :3 My meeting ended at 6.30am, I thought that I would sleep until 1 or 2pm, but the sunlights woke me up :3

The weather is pretty great and shiny :3

My curry was not successful yesterday so I decided to fix it. I was wrong about the portion of seasonings. It should have been doubled than the previous dish I made, cause I used double the ingredients. Why didn’t I realize it sooner TT.TT Furthermore, the Khuc Bach sweet gruel was sweeter than I expected *hurt*, It might be because of the different milk’s brand. It was added more sugar than the one I bought in the first time I cooked. My solution was reducing the amount of sugar in the soup, so it was balanced.

It worked tho :3 In the end of the day, sis Chi came home and tried 2 dishes, she said the curry was cooked properly than yesterday and the sweet was yummy :3 Phew, I’m gonna remake the dishes and they will be better😤 And ofc, I’ll tell you guys :3

The curry dish that I remade it, looks better huh :3

Actually, half of my day was not filled with good news at all. My order from Pull&Bear still hadn’t been shipped to my home, although It’s nearly a month. Furthermore, when unpackaging the package from the other clothing brand, It missed 2 items. I was so blueeeeeee. Some of the clothes don’t fit me as I thought then I had to return them, after several days of waiting. *cry 3000x*

Besides, in the Netherlands, if you want to return objects, you need to print out the return label that the brand sends via your email or on their site. However, the print shop near by my home doesn’t provide that service anymore, because of the coronavirus TT=TT. I think I’ll wait until Monday, when I come to the University to take the English exam. After these “storms”, I concluded that I had better come home and stay there until tomorrow :))) Then maybe bad luck would not find me.

And you know what, It could be one of the most wise decision I have made in entire my life.

When I came home, my friend texted me and told me a funny story. In Vietnam, there is a web about future prediction, they give the suggestions for numbers that people should choose to play lotteries. My friend saw me twice in his dream and today’s result lottery had the number that in the suggestion. OMG :))) that’s really hilarious and unbelievable tho :3 I told him to try to buy some next time, in case he sees me again.

Ahhh there are two more things that cheered me up today. Firstly, after confiding in with my only female best friend about the issues. We don’t text to each other usually but when I talk with her, I can be eased and feel so comfortable. She posted a story about a challenge that requires people to answer a question. Her question was saying “thank you” to whom you are appreciate. She tagged my name in the last row with a sentence could be interpreted as “save the best for that last”. That was sweet of her. Awwwwww, love you and miss you so much. When I come back to Vietnam, we’re gonna eat all Saigonese food, together!!!

Next, the second moment was one of my close friend, he is the boy but I call him “mom” ^^ It’s popular for our generations that we usually play role as family members in a group of close friends. He read all my blogs and gave lots of suggestions that could improve my grammar, coherence and fluency of the words. That took him lots of time I believed so and; moreover, he always ready to answers my concerns about English :)))) Love you too “momm”, I’ll try my best in order not to disappoint you❤️

And the happiest moment today could be this oneeee: my first nails that made my meeeee!

Last achievement of my dayyyy

To be honest, It was thanks to the dedicated and patient support from sis Chi, then I could complete it without any scars or injuries on her hands🤣 I’m going to practice more, let’s start from tomorrow, I mean today :))) I think after the lockdown I can comeback to the nails shop and assist some scope of works :3 Hope that we can soonly back to the normal life. My life might be more busy in the future so I’ll have more stories to share with you, my dear friends.

I borrowed an hour from the God of Time today TT.TT please to not accumulate. I don’t want to wait for someone for entire my life, since I believed my debt is uncountable now. I’ll keep my eyes on the next days! I promise.

Good night people and stay healthy. Love youuu!

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