Jan 10, 2021

Evening :3 today is a full of love day so I think I’m in the seventh heaven😇

Love is a short word but have a huge impact

I had a video call with my grandmother and my parents this afternoon. I was happy and assured when I saw the smiles on their faces. Since the day I went to the Netherlands, I have started to say “I love you” to my mom and dad more. In Vietnam, It might have been in a blue moon that I said that sentence to them.

I tell you an adorable story related to that. One day, when I woke up, I saw there was a missed call from my mom, but It was nearly my class schedule so I had to leave it and go to school. Later on, when I came home, I called her as usual. After talking about some stories about my new school, new class and new friends, I suddenly remembered the call this morning and I asked her why did you call me. Before she intended to answer, I added one more question which was “Were you missing me?” – to be honest, I think I had never said it but It was just spontaneous coming out. In that moment, I could see her face had a bit of a change like surprise, she hesitated for a while then she said: Yes, I missed you, and she smiled. I was so touched and melted, I just would like to ask Mr. God of Time to pause that moment longer a bit for me. Sometimes, adding sweets in your life is nice :3 just try with your parents someday.

Speaking of love, friendship also needs it too. I think I’m the luckiest person in the world cause I had a chance to know these lovely brothers, sisters in Helix. Going out with them made me feel younger and happier, I could see my images sometimes in the way they communicate with each other, and that’s my luck to know all of them. Today, one of them invited me to join in their BBQ dinner but I couldn’t make it. I asked him remember to tag me when posting a story in Instagram, and he did it :3 It’s so cute :3333 I’ll definitely come back after January, after the exam weeks.

Workout is my axiom

Today is the last day in a workout program, It took me 60 minutes and more 15 minutes to stretch. In the beginning, I started with Emi Wong’s programs then my best friend highly recommended me to try with Chloe Ting. They’re more intensive and hard, but I think I prefer this one. Although I used to have 1 week off, because of being busy hanging out with my friends, I still could come back with the pace of the program. I even missed a lot. Sometimes, If I don’t have a workout schedule on this day, I feel a bit empty and uncomfortable. Am I addicted to it?🤔

Late dish – everything is in one bowl

Actually, It’s not my last dish of the day, after finishing it for an hour, I still felt hungry then I took a half of homemade dumpling from sis Hang – sis of sis Chi. She’s very good at her cooking, and her husband as well. They’re such a chef couple :3 One of my future spouse’s standards is cooking well, cause I love to cook together with people whom I love.

Exam is coming to townn

So, next week, my exam period will start, I will try my best in order not to make my parents and friends who help me down. I’m not totally confident but I think with my 101% effort, I can do it! And after that I think I’ll learn a scientific writing course on Coursera to enhance my skills. I came back to work for my previous company in Vietnam as a Coordinator role which requires me to create blogs, PR content.  I’m excited to reboot and try new areas. Nevermind, the most important thing now is doing well in the exams!!! Thus, I’ll finish the post here and go back to studying.

Good night and love you all! Btw, wish me the best :3


  1. lulu says:

    i’m an unknown user, just drop by to wish you the best for you exam xD

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