Jan 8, 2021

I think I’m gonna write my diary now then going to bed soon today because I have a meeting pretty soon tomorrow!

Questions: Do we add carrots into the curry?

As I promised yesterday, I cooked curry and made a sweet dish as well. When searching on the internet, they show many pictures and recipes of carrots in the dish. However, when I called to my family to ask for “consultant” :))) my parents said that It’s weird to add them in, even my sis aka my classmate told me the same thing. 😭😭😭 Nevermind, I still finished it, but I think I’ll add some coconut milk tomorrow cause sis Chi said that it lacked the seasoning of a proper curry. I’m gonna nail it! Btw, if you know I have a plan to cook curry in the future, remind me not putting carrots in 🧡

For the sweet, I made it smoothly and easily since I had made it once before, on Christmas night with my friends. If “Annie” in Vietnam is here, she will be surprised a lot with this Annie. Everything has changed since I went abroad. I have become more neat, known how to cook more dishes and the ones that I have never thought I might do. Thus, for people who intend to go abroad, just prepare yourself that you’re gonna “do” everything literally. If that is not you, who will do right? That’s what I proudly call my mature journey.

I feel something new

I’m pretty sure, hmm it’s hard to explain but I felt something changed, just a new energy running in my body. That’s weirdooo, but, I’m gonna keep my eyes on it :3 Let’s see what version that I will change into.

I found something old

When searching the sources for the post, I accidentally found pictures when I took a selfie with Vu Cat Tuong, a famous singer in Vietnam, so I decided to tell you guys about that moment. One more funny exploration is my first picture that me and my BFF sent in our messenger’s conversation is an answer of our math class 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can’t keep smiling when recalling about this one.

One of my close friend found someone alike me

It’s kinda creepy when he just goes over and over about a member in his club who has an appearance and voice just the same as me. He is so determined and dedicated in proving that. A vivid example of it could be today, he shared with me a video from the club which has her contribution as an actor. I didn’t find any points that we’re alike. I sent the video to another close friend and he also agreed with that. Maybe, there is a statement in Vietnam that could work in my situation: a knife couldn’t cut its hilt, which means a person isn’t able to evaluate themselves objectively. Anw, I’m gonna send it to more friends to check that!

End of the day

Besides cooking, I workout and continue with studying English. I’ve just finished the trial test a few minutes ago. I’ll attempt to get a good grade this time, hopefully🌈 Today is the day my charitable club in Vietnam goes to the venue to organize their event. Some of my juniors were robbed of their phones this week, I’m so worried for them but hope that they can overcome it and have a nice trip to the venue. Best wishes from your “mom”! We always call each other mom and kids, we’re as knit as a family and have been through many up and down moments. I’ll tell you some in My Memory.

I think I’ll end here and go to bed z.z.z.z, and wake up at 2am for the meeting. Byeee and love you all!

Good night.

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