Jan 7, 2021

Hello world!

I have been waiting for the whole day to tell you that I submitted the portfolio this morning yayy! A half of another stone is put away. Now, I can focus more on studying and doing the presentation for the Brand Building class.

It will not follow an order for today’s diary cause I’m kinda hyper proactive so I’m gonna tell you what I feel happy the most first.

Big achievement

Besides completing the portfolio before the deadline which is Jan 8, I was so proud of myself that I could figure out the mess from WordPress’s blog setting stuff, of course within the support of my sister. One more thing related to the moment she helped me was that my blog’s logo is the same design as her previous one. It’s kinda sisterhood destiny. On the other hand, I think I will design a new one :)) cause actually, I made it from Canva’s template, so It can’t avoid the overlap. But, in the end, it was fun when you found out more bonds between people that you love.

Sweet time

There are three moments of the day that made me feel extremely wonderful and nostalgic. Firstly, I saw my friend’s post about the common situation that when you praise that fruit or food, on the next day your mom/dad definitely will buy double, even triple these things for you. It recalled a memory with my dad. Several years ago, one day, my dad bought a box of passion fruit for me and I said I love it a lot. Sooo, I believe you can guess the result of the story. I experienced a week of passion fruit and It was such a scary and lovely period that I didn’t use them for a long time. The second memory is when I saw my ex-member practicing for an MC role in order to lead the charity event in Vietnam. Not only her but I’m also proud of all my members in that club. They have grown a lot after undergoing many up and down moments since I went abroad. I cherish the fact that they still continue to fight and development together, in spite of all the difficulties and bullsh*t things that life brought to them. Finally, the third one is I had a jinx with my acquaintance sister, like we all had an intention to text the other about love, but I forgot to text because of my struggle with the blog. At the end of the day, I received her message and it’s really a witty coincidence. Bonus, I ate all of Alpro chocolate ice-cream left in the box, so satisfied ~

A little unexpectedness

There are two things that didn’t follow the plan today. Hmm, although I said that I would cook curry today but I was lazy then didn’t buy the ingredients to make it. I’ll definitely do it tomorrow, cause I run out of protein in the fridge so I’ll go to the supermarket to buy some. Nonetheless, I made a dish with tortilla which I posted in the Dishes that I made (with recipes) yayy, first post, not as I expected but it’s okay! The second unexpected thing is the clothes I ordered didn’t ship to my home according to the email and I have to go to the pickup point, perhaps on Sunday this week. Arghhh, it’s cold outside and I just want to stay at home :3

I think that’s all for today, it’s a new day again :))) I borrowed a few minutes of Jan 8 from the God of Time to finish Jan 7’s diary. People said that there is a rule about “give and take” so I’m gonna end the diary now. I think maybe he or she will punish me by making me wait for somebody in the future :3

Just good night and love ya ~

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  1. lulu says:

    nguyên một tuần ăn chanh dây là em cũng khók đấy 😀


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