First time taking a selfie with a celeb

This is the first time I had nearly full face selfies with a Vietnamese singer. Her name is Vu Cat Tuong, she has prominent talent in not only singer but also composing and playing instruments.

The origin of these pictures are from Festival Le Hong Phong 2019 in my high school – Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted. Actually, I was an alumnus at that time, I came back to support as a content writer in the PR team. It was one of the busiest times that I had to cover lots of extracurricular activities. And the selfies were taken on the on-site day of the concert.

At first, I was a bit nervous, I felt like the “fangirl” blood was howling in my mind. After, hmm perhaps 3 minutes, going in and out the room, I decided to “take risk” :))) In a shaking hand and my heart was pumping in a beat that I had never had before, I borrowed my friend’s phone to take 2 selfies.

That’s fun :3

P/s: one of her songs that I’m really into is Vet mua, you can enjoy it with me 🌧️

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