Tortilla with shrimp and veggies

Time of preparation

15-20 minutes


2 Tortillas

1/4 Red bell peper

3 leaves of cabbage

2 spoons of corn

2 spoons of bean

6 shrimps

1 spoons of tomato sauce

Salt, pepper, butter, olive oil


Step 1

Chop the veggies and shrimps into small pieces.

Step 2

Heat the pan then put olive oil and butter into it.

Step 3

Fry garlic first until it smells good then put the veggies, stir them for 5-7 minutes. Next turn is the shrimps yay.

Step 4

Put the “secret weapon” into the pan, it’s up to your taste, be careful cause it’s easy to get burn.

Step 5

Heat the tortilla by the oven for 1 minute each side. Finally, put everything that is cooked on the tortilla. And you’re done!

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