Jan 6, 2021

11.53pm It is the moment I started to write today’s diary. It’s quite late huh (or not :3 )

I woke up at 9.30pm, 30 minutes earlier than yesterday, a big achievement for me yayy, hope that I can come to the university on time on the examination day next week! I’ll try!

So, today is kinda a super super happy day cause I ate so many yummy dishes. My brunch commenced with a big meal as you can see in the photo. The special here is the homemade pate that sis Chi made by herself, so delish and Vietnameseeee.

Me and sis Chi had a plan to cook chicken curry but her sister came to make another yummy yummy yummy dish which is called Banh da cua in Vietnamese. While they were preparing the food, I went upstairs to study the lessons for my examination. It’s not too hard to obtain because I’ve already learnt it in the previous term, so it just takes time to recall the knowledge back. Besides, because my university is an applied sciences one which requires students to know how to apply the theories to reality, so I have to find some examples for each notion.

Ahh, forgot to tell you guys, we also had more guests today, who are the kids :))) sons of sis and brother of sis Chi. The 2 boys are the same age so they look really funny and cute when they play together. Cute but a bit scary  as well, cause kids are mischievous you know, so yah. But the most lovely thing that I noticed is all the kids I met in sis Chi’s family are affectionate and love their moms a lot. For example, when a son of sis Hang (sis of sis Chi) saw her standing on the floor to feed his cousin (another 3 year old boy), he said that “Mommy, sit”. He didn’t want his mom tired because of standing and he even tried to get the chair for her, with his little body. Furthermore, in another scene, son of sis Chi expressed his love to her by resigning a piece of beef when he saw his mom’s dish have less meat than him.

5.00pm I felt hungry haizzz after finishing a bowl of Banh da cua.

I continued my eating journey with 2 stuffed cream cakes and some spoons of ice-creammm – my love. It was really cold these days and I nearly decided to skip the workout program for today. However, I couldn’t do that, miss Chloe Ting, and her challenging, sweating programs so much. Although I was so sleepy and cold but I finally killed all of them, so proud of myself. After today, I had advice for myself that I should follow the program in a fixed schedule, when my body is getting used to it, cause whenever I started earlier or later, I usually felt tired. I don’t know whether you guys have ever met the same situation as me or not, but I think I’ll obey my body, listen to it dedicatedly.

9.00pm, completing the workout at nearly 8.00pm and having some food. I had a video call with my younger sister of VSNL – Vietnamese Association Students in the Netherlands, cause I had some issues with WordPress so I asked for her support. During an hour, I realised many cool things about the blog and some stupid things that I didn’t know about (they are all simple and present in front of my eyes, but I didn’t see, whyyy).

Yah, and I spent the remaining time of the day building my own website (my blog), so that is the reason why I started today’s diary so late. Nvm, I was satisfied with Jan 6.

Let’s go brush my teeth and skincare, I don’t want to have a toothache again. It was so tough, the worst thing was I couldn’t eat well, that was so heart-broken for a food lover like me. Thus, take care of your health and be happy!

Love you all and good night!

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  1. lulu says:

    hellu tui la lulu


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