Jan 5, 2021

Hi ya, It’s me Annie. It’s nearly the end of the day, so I think It is such a perfect time to write a diary.

10.00am was the moment I woke up today. My biological time truly changed lol, I tried not to use an alarm for today to check whether I could come back to my daily routine before the Christmas break. Unfortunately, It seemed impossible :3 Nvm, I’m gonna take it back when the school starts in February.

Today, in preparation for the examination next week, I finished reviewing the English lessons. There are 15 units, at first I felt a bit silly that the university requires students to study this subject. However, It turns out that It is really necessary and the English exam is not a piece of cake to get a high score TT.TT

After synthesizing the English, It felt like my knowledge was recalled after the 2 week series “parties”, but I need to emphasize more, you know it, right?!! Examination is 80% different from what you are taught in class. Ah, before the English session, I was done with figuring out how to order clothes online. It was annoying when the app couldn’t connect directly with the bank account. Thus, I had to go to the website, suffered with Dutch because the laptop does not run the translation function, and finally, I nailed it. Thank god.

By the way, have you ever had a feeling that you forgot what you ordered cause you ordered too much :)))) I think I’ve been in that situation recently. I run out of skincare products and there are sales in clothing stores for the winter. Soo, yeah, you can predict the consequences.

1.00pm, I videocalled my family when having my brunch. Fortunately, all people are healthy, my mother has covered after an accident a few weeks ago. My younger sister had a 9 points on her poem about family, but most of the ideas were from my mom haha. She was also given a box of Milo – a cacao powder product in Vietnam. I’ll tell her to take a picture and update later for you guys ❤

Then, I continued to study with another subject, ahh remind me of the presentation before this Sunday, because It is also an assignment for passing the class. Studying a bit and I still could not resist my temptation from the online clothing apps, so I paid them a few visits :)))

5.30pm, I went to youtube and watched some reality shows from Vietnam. There is a show that really impressed me which is “Happy memories” (Ky uc vui ve). They do not have suspension scenes or tricks to dramatize the show. It simply helps people in all generations recall their dusty and lovely memories with the antique goods, celebrities that were famous and had a great impact in the past. Watching the shows makes me miss my family, my hometown a lot, I regret that I couldn’t have known about this program earlier.

6.00pm, I started to workout, my daily passion until more than 7.00pm, I took a shower whilst listening to my favorite lists of heartbreak Vietnamese songs. It is funny that people usually ask me whether I have problems in love so I choose to listen to these songs. Nahhh guys, it’s just my hobby. Although I’m an energetic and optimistic girl, I love hearing this type of music, sounds peculiar huh :3

9.00pm, finishing the meals and watching a show named The voice kids of Vietnam, It is quite awesome that the production have changed their layout, the stages and addition of a number of effects, which makes the visual more attractive. The competencies of the contestants are leveled up to, the kids have to perform a song within a rap. I think the production team is manipulating the waves of effects of the previous prominent show named “Rap Viet ” (Vietnamese Rap) to draw audiences’ attention. Nvw, the show is great to me! So proud of youu <3. After that, I went to my own room and finished the remaining lessons. At the same time, I found out that people on my instagram are playing “what my 2021 looks like”, and I got “get fit” yayyyyyyyy. It’s exactly one of my goals for this year, and the double jinx here is that my best friend had the same one. Double joys!

11.20pm, I don’t think writing a diary kills time very well, but it’s worth it for me to have time to reflect how I spent my day today. I think I’ll go to bed soon today right after completing my skincare routine :3 girly stuff haha.

Good night ❤ love you

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